Colonial Spirits of Acton Presents…COLONIAL SPIRITS DELIVERS!

We are proud to offer a convenient, new service for our customers, both locally and across the State of Massachusetts. Delivery of wine, beer, liquor, and champagne to your home or business!

Colonial Spirits Delivers is the e-commerce division of Colonial Spirits. We’ve put our 40 years of experience and quality online. Order from thousands of products and have them delivered right to your door!

Visit to view our inventory and procedures. We deliver personally to most Eastern Massachusetts towns and cities. Through our secure website, you may place an order for any product we have, and within days we will bring that order right to you.
If getting to the store is a hassle or you don’t like lifting heavy boxes, Colonial Spirits Delivers is perfect for you. If you are planning a party or having an event, let us take the pressure off running out to get beverages: we’ll bring our liquor store right to your front door!

For towns and cities we cannot reach personally, we may be able to ship to you via FedEx. We can send any wine or spirit (not beer) through FedEx to any location in the State of Massachusetts. Call us at 978-263-7708 to set up a shipment.

In the 21st century, Colonial Spirits is leading the way for wine and liquor stores, and with Colonial Spirits Delivers we are happy to join the virtual world to bring you the very best we have!

Visit our website: or find us on Facebook ( and Twitter (

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  1. Colonial Spirits Delivers is… Revolutionary!

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