We Have a Slew of New Beer for You!

Fiddlehead, Proclamation and Singlecut.

We Have a Ton of New Beer Freshly In Stock With Your Name on Them!

Take a look at the photos and find something you like!  There are a lot of hoppy options here and a new Weissbier as well.  The two Proclamation offerings have a 2 can limit as well as the Fiddlehead (there are a lot of limited options today!).

Fiddlehead, Proclamation and Singlecut.

Grab Some Beer to Enjoy While the Snow Starts to Fall Tonight!

Some IPAs, rye beer, sour beer...all kinds of goodies today!

We have a bunch of new, tasty snow storm beer for you today, to enjoy as a (hopefully) more manageable system comes our way!

Some IPAs, rye beer, sour beer...all kinds of goodies today!
Some IPAs, rye barrel-aged beer, sour beer…all kinds of goodies today!

On the following snow storm beer, please make sure you check the shelves for limits as many of these came in limited quantities.  First off, we did get in Mystic Voltage today, I apologize it isn’t included in the picture!  Give it a try though…It’s my personal favorite currently in the hoppy world.  Secondly, feel free to ask any questions you have…we hope to see you later!

Colonial Spirits is Here for All of Your St. Patty’s Day Needs!

We have some great deals for St. Patty's Day and all of the products you'll need!

St Patty’s Day Only Comes Once a Year, Make Sure you Celebrate with the Best Products!

We have everything you need for St. Patty’s Day whether it be dark beer, lighter beer, Irish cream, Irish whiskey, Irish liqueur…and a large variety of each!  Don’t know what to pick?  Our knowledgeable floor and management staff can help you pick the perfect product.  Stop in an see us soon!  Sláinte!

Click here for a cool link we found to some St. Patty’s Day inspired cocktails!

Only some of our awesome Irish products: