Clown Shoes Beer Tasting

10 years running strong Clown Shoes has done it all. Or so we may have thought! The brewers at Clown Shoes focus on complex flavor profiles along with putting an interesting twist in their beer that always seems to impress. From wacky barrel aged beers, juicy fruit puree IPA’s and some lighter styles such as the Belgian white and Kolsch, they’ve got a little something for everyone. As they say “The Sky’s The Limit” so why not have a little fun with beer.

-Colonial Spirits Beer Team

We Have a Slew of New Beer for You!

Fiddlehead, Proclamation and Singlecut.

We Have a Ton of New Beer Freshly In Stock With Your Name on Them!

Take a look at the photos and find something you like!  There are a lot of hoppy options here and a new Weissbier as well.  The two Proclamation offerings have a 2 can limit as well as the Fiddlehead (there are a lot of limited options today!).

Fiddlehead, Proclamation and Singlecut.