How to Decant a Bottle of Wine

In this video, I show you to decant a bottle of wine. This is useful knowledge, especially as the holidays approach and you may be having dinner parties or guests at your table. Please feel free to email me,, if you have further questions or stop by the store: I’d be happy to help you out with all decanting questions.

2 thoughts on “How to Decant a Bottle of Wine

  1. What sound does the bubbler make? hrrrrrrrrr

  2. Nic,

    Given that Patrick was probably going for an onomatopoeia, you’re right, “hrrrrrrrr” doesn’t work. He sounds like a small electric motor.

    Maybe next time he could try “burble” or “gurgle”, or better yet do without the sound effects and say something like, “it makes a bubbling sound.”

    On the other hand, “dohickey” is inspired usage, a mot juste, conversationally casual yet classier than “thingamajig” or “gizmo.”



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