Irish Whiskeys for the Connoisseur March 16, 5-7pm

March 16th, 5-7pm

This evening we will be showing some of the best of what Irish Whiskey has to offer.  The tasting will feature:

Jameson Selections – Jameson, Jameson 12yr and Jameson Gold Label

Red Breast 12 yr Pot Still Whiskey, regular and cask strengths


Midleton Rare

This is a great opportunity to sample Irish Whiskey and learn about a unique category in the Whiskey world.  Presented by Chris Rose and Colonial Spirits.

2 thoughts on “Irish Whiskeys for the Connoisseur March 16, 5-7pm

  1. Do you carry Tullemore ten year reserve? Suggest you do. At a tasting for 100 people in Ireland June 2012, this beat all other Tullemore offerings hands down.

    1. Good morning Doug,

      Thank you so much for suggestion! The Tullamore 10yr Reserve is currently not available in MA, but as soon as it is we’ll more than likely add it to our current lineup. Hopefully it becomes available sooner rather than later, if it is as good as you are saying. We do however have the 12yr Special Reserve on our shelves. I’m not sure how it compares to the 10yr, since I have never tried it, but if you haven’t had the 12yr yet I highly recommend you do.

      Nic C

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