Bourbon – America’s Whiskey

November is a special month in New England, bringing forth imagery and tradition from the days when our great country was just beginning.  It all leads up to a big day of celebrating American tradition with a great feast and gratitude for what we enjoy in life.

I enjoy Bourbon – a distinctive product of the United States (said Congress in 1964) – and would like to encourage anyone interested in whiskey to explore this traditional spirit as you take time to relax and enjoy the Thanksgiving season.

Discussions about pairing wine with food are quite familiar around Colonial Spirits with a trio of serious wine enthusiasts and many more who like to cook on staff.  It is also one of our most common questions from customers.  As well, it is not uncommon to confer about beer pairings as more people seem to be finding an interest in that tradition.  For as much time as I spend chatting with folks about whisk(e)y, talk of aligning it with a meal is rare. Continue reading Bourbon – America’s Whiskey