Wine Ratings… part Deux!

Nicolay and I had a lovely…conversation… about his post over a glass of wine last Friday, so, here I am with my opinion, click the “back” button if you dislike people waxing poetic.

I’d like to start by saying that everything Nicolay stated is valid, and I think he makes some very strong points.  Of course we know the value of comparison shopping, and I can certainly see the effect that criticism has on the value, and resale value, of goods.

There is nothing wrong with listening to the opinions of informed experts–if that was such a terrible thing I wouldn’t have a job.  The issue that I take with the 90-point scale and the mainstream wine press is that by simplifying what should be a very complex analysis down to a point value ends up encouraging laziness, both at the consumer level and, much worse, at the professional level. Continue reading Wine Ratings… part Deux!