Trends in Delivery

Though Colonial Spirits Delivers has delivered all manner of beer, wine, and liquor to all manner of people in Eastern Massachusetts, we’ve noticed some trends lately in our delivery customers which we thought worth writing about.

1. Senior citizens. This is a natural. Seniors cannot or may not want to drive to the liquor store to shop, and if they do it is often times difficult to lift heavy boxes of alcohol. With Colonial Spirits Delivers, this difficulty is remedied. Seniors can order online and get delivery to their door. More and more seniors are becoming adept with computers and e-commerce, and this service is an easy way for them to get quality products without the hassle of going to the store.

2. Company and Corporate Parties. Whether it’s a Thursday night beer social or a Friday afternoon weekend starter, many businesses like to offer employees a way to blow off some steam at the end of a long work week. Quality beer, wine, and spirits are a great perk and a relaxed way for employees to socialize. But it’s not always easy (and time consuming) for someone in the office to run out to get drinks, and we are finding companies enjoy our service–especially if they are in a city where it’s not easy to jump in the car to get to a liquor store.

3. Gifts! Both from in and out of State, gifts of champagne, scotch, whiskey, and craft beer come our way quite a bit. It’s a great way to say thank you or happy birthday, and if you are far away (or just wish to surprise someone) an e-commerce and delivery service such as ours makes it possible to send that gift.

We hope to open up new avenues of delivery customers in the near future. Wine websites and apps offered by companies such as are the wave of the future and offering new ways for people to enjoy wine. We anticipate seeing orders building through budding sites such as these, whose mission is to introduce more and more people to fine wine.

As always, we’d like to hear from our readers and customers about their thoughts on delivery. How can we improve? What else can we offer? And what trends should we be looking out for? Please write to us or post your thoughts here.


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