Willett Bourbon – Special Colonial Spirits Barrel

At long last a very special and very limited Bourbon has arrived! In May of 2013 Colonial Spirits received samples from several different barrels at the Willett distillery.  After tasting each sample with customers there was an obvious outlier in the group… a particularly rich and woody 10yr old bourbon.  We ordered the entire barrel to be bottled exclusively for Colonial Spirits.  Demand for Willett bourbons left the small distillery struggling to keep up and they discontinued the barrel program, needing everything they could get to keep up with production.  We were quite fortunate to be the last store to receive such a special allocation of bourbon.  While the folks at Willett worked to keep up with demand our prized barrel got another year of aging.

While supplies last this incredible bourbon will be available for $99.99 – this flavorful offering brings oak, honey and leather together with a balanced, dry, lingering finish.  The richness and sweet warmth are akin to the profile of the rarest and most sought after label in the bourbon world…

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