Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day with Discounts on Your Favorite Irish Beverages and a Boston Alcohol Delivery


Get discounts of up to $12 on beer, liquor, and wine from the popular Massachusetts online liquor store, Colonial Spirits Delivers.

  • Until March 31 only

Perfect for St. Patrick’s Day celebrations!


Boston, Massachusetts has the reputation of having the highest concentration of Irish Americans in the entire country. The Irish constitute almost 16% of Boston’s population, which means that the city always gets excited for St. Patrick’s Day celebrations! Many non-Irish Americans also like to celebrate the holiday alongside their Irish brethren, and parties can run out of liquor and beer due to the desire to drink like the Irish on St. Patrick’s Day… After all, on St. Patrick’s Day, everyone is Irish!

With Colonial Spirits Delivers offering select alcoholic drinks at discounted rates, you can be well prepared for St. Patrick’s Day and other such events this month. On the list of March Specials are Jameson Irish Whiskey, Killian Irish Red, and Guinness, both Draught and Extra Stout… And you don’t want to be without these Irish favorites on St. Patrick’s Day!

For those looking to keep the Irish spirit alive, buy your favorite beer, liquor and wine from our reliable Boston alcohol delivery service. Everyone’s favorite Irish beverages will bring more “spreacadh” to your St. Patrick’s Day party! Your friends will be green with envy… and the Irish spirit! “Sláinte!”


  • March Specials include discounts on select beers, wines, sparkling wines, and liquor. Visit the website www.colonialspiritsdelivers.com/specials.html for the complete list.
  • Colonial Spirits Delivers does not sell to buyers under 21 years old.
  • Colonial Spirits Delivers does not deliver kegs
  • Colonial Spirits Delivers does not sell on consignment
  • Deliveries from Colonial Spirits Delivers can be returned to the Colonial Spirits physical store for credit but it has to be brought by the customer. The store does not pickup unused products for return
  • Visit the Colonial Spirits Delivers online store to place an order, or call 978-263-7708.

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