The Cocktail Classic Gift Basket is Ready for Liquor Delivery to Boston and Beyond

The Cocktail Classic Gift Basket

The Cocktail Classic Gift BasketAt Colonial Spirits Delivers we’ve been focusing in on gifts lately. A gift of wine, champagne, liquor, or beer is often the perfect gift for that special occasion, and we have been working diligently to enrich your alcohol gift-giving (and gift-receiving) experience. With this in mind, we recently announced that we now offer Gift Wrap & Gift Bag options at check out, as well as several wine, champagne, liquor, and beer Gift Baskets ready to order!

Today, we’d like to highlight one of our new gift basket offerings… THE COCKTAIL CLASSIC!

Like all of our gift baskets, The Cocktail Classic comes elegantly wrapped with decorations in a wicker basket and clear plastic wrap. However, while we do wrap our gift baskets with great care for that perfect gift presentation, we all know that, ultimately, it’s the contents of the basket that really counts…

Inside the Basket – The Cocktail Classic

The Cocktail Classic is the perfect gift for the mixology lover in your life. It features a 750ml bottle of Johnnie Walter Red Label Blended Whisky, a 750ml bottle of Tanqueray Gin, and a 750ml bottle of Belvedere Vodka, and includes a double jigger measuring device, a wine pourer with stopper, two Colonial Spirits cocktail glasses, and a set of cocktail napkins.

Let’s look at each of the featured items in a little more detail:

Johnnie Walter Red Label Blended Whisky (750ml) – One of the best selling blends at Colonial Spirits Delivers, Johnnie Walker Red boasts smooth rich flavors that are perfect either neat or on the rocks.

Tanqueray Gin (750ml) – The highest selling gin import in North America, Tanqueray Gin is flavorful with a pleasing tartness and snappy spice, offering pungent and aggressive citrus and juniper aromas.

Belvedere Vodka (750ml) – Highly rated and one of Colonial Spirits Delivers best selling super premium vodkas, Belvedere Vodka is made exclusively from select Polish Rye and distilled four times in small batches.

Sporting three “classic” spirits, it’s easy to see why we named this gift basket, “The Cocktail Classic!” When you throw in the double jigger measuring device, wine pourer with stopper, two Colonial Spirits cocktail glasses, and set of cocktail napkins, it’s also easy to see why we say that it’s perfect for the mixology lover in your life… that is, after all, exactly how we designed it to be!

Five More Gift Baskets Ready for Liquor Delivery to Boston and Beyond

Top Shelf Essentials Gift BasketIn addition to The Cocktail Classic, Colonial Spirits Delivers has five more gift baskets ready for liquor delivery to Boston and beyond! For the perfect assortment of wine, there is the Clos de Val Napa Wine Basket. When champagne is the order of the day, there is the Sparkling Wine Gift Basket and the Champagne Gift Basket. For those who can’t get enough hops, there is the IPA Lovers Beer Gift Basket. And, for when even The Cocktail Classic isn’t “classic” enough, there’s the Top Flight Essentials gift basket.

With these six beautiful gift baskets (and more to come), Colonial Spirits Delivers continues to demonstrate our commitment to being the best online liquor store in Greater Boston. We’ve been making it easy for you to place your alcohol order online and have it delivered to the MA location of your choice since 2011. With our new gift baskets, and our gift-wrap and gift bag options, we are making your wine, champagne, liquor, and beer gift giving a breeze! So, what are you waiting for… buy liquor online Massachusetts!

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