Colonial Spirits Delivers Hires Driver to Improve Alcohol Delivery in Boston

Middlesex County, Massachusetts (December 19, 2013) – Colonial Spirits Delivers has hired a seasonal driver to serve more customers and increase the efficiency of their services for alcohol delivery to Boston and the nearby areas. Bolstering their workforce will help the company accommodate increasing orders for holiday festivities, and ensure that customers will have their drinks delivered on time.

People looking for wine, beer, and liquor can browse the online store’s website and choose which bottles they want delivered straight to their doorstep. Whatever occasion they are celebrating—a Christmas party at the office or a small gathering at home—Colonial Spirits Delivers can bring a product to the specified location. The company also offers five-pound ice bags and other essentials like drink mixers to complete their customers’ party experience.

Online customers will receive an email confirming their order, which can be delivered in a few days to a week, sometimes even faster. Colonial Spirits Delivers delivers Monday through Friday from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM and, upon delivery, requires customers to present a valid ID confirming that they are of legal age. Customers who will need the products in less than two days, after hours, or during weekends, should state so in their order notes. The company will try their best to accommodate the request.

People who cannot find stores shipping alcohol to Massachusetts can also check the company’s inventory if Colonial Spirits Delivers has the wine or champagne they want. The company’s e-commerce website makes it easy for customers to search for a specific product and buy it. The company hand-delivers orders to most of Eastern Massachusetts. Should an area lie outside their delivery scope, they can ship champagne and wine orders, but not liquor or beer.

Alternatively, customers can opt to order online and then pick up the item at Colonial Spirits’ brick-and-mortar store in Acton for no extra charge.

To learn more details on the company’s selection of wine, beer, and liquor, or to check the towns they deliver to, visit today.

About Colonial Spirits Delivers

For nearly 50 years, Colonial Spirits of Acton has been the source for quality wine, beer, and liquor for residents of the Greater Boston area. Already a fixture in the community, the store launched an e-commerce website,, in 2011 to accommodate customers who do not have the time to visit their shop in Acton. Since then, Colonial Spirits Delivers has been able to offer their products to people all over the world who want to send wine, champagne, liquor, or beer as gifts to friends or relatives in Massachusetts.

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