Local Shipping for Sipping: Quickly & Reliably Shipping Wine to Massachusetts

A November 12, 2013 article on the DW.de website touches upon the French wine industry and the popularity of biodynamic viticulture among the country’s vineyards. While much of biodynamics appears to be superstitious, the practice harkens back to the old traditions of winemaking. As noted by one interviewed vintner, biodynamics helps create unique soil, which in turn creates unique wine:

While wine-makers in California, Australia or South Africa believe their own work produces great wine, in France, wine has long been about bringing out the character of what the French call the “terroir” – the unique soil and climate of a particular location.

“In Burgundy,” said Duseigneur, “the monks realized a thousand years ago that by using just one grape – the pinot noir – they can have very different wine, even though the plots are only a couple of hundred yards apart.” This is because of differences in soil, he asserted. “We try to find wine that expresses the unique character of the place.”

Wine is an exciting and exquisite beverage that’s unlike any other largely because there are numerous taste profiles for the drink. Vintners pride themselves on their own unique creations, and it’s an experience to sample such distinct tastes from all across the globe. Local retailers conveniently shipping wine to Massachusetts, such as Colonial Spirits Delivers, help American wine lovers discover these new flavors and bouquets.

Given that certain vintages are only possible in specific locations around the world, it’s easy to see why wine shipping is such a popular service. Many avid enthusiasts of the beverage go the extra mile and opt to import wine from critically acclaimed winemakers in France, Italy, and Spain, to name a few. However, this method can be a bit costly for the average person, and buyers will need to resolve customs issues beforehand.

Just how can wine be shipped to Massachusetts quickly if international shipments have to go through so much red tape? The superior alternative to international shipping is to purchase from local retailers who have all the necessary permits to import and ship or deliver the wine. A customer can simply place an order with such a retailer to receive a quick and simple delivery or shipment of their purchased libation. Connoisseurs don’t need to travel the world or tangle with customs to enjoy their wines because local retailers, like Colonial Spirits Delivers, just might have their vintage of choice.

(Article Excerpt and Image from French wine-makers turn to mystic methods, DW.de, November 12, 2013)

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