Colonial Spirits Delivers Eyes More Orders for Shipping Wine to Massachusetts

Acton, Massachusetts (January 14, 2014) – Colonial Spirits Delivers is aiming to increase their wine shipments in 2014. Having set up a more efficient ordering system and a strong relationship with the courier service provider FedEx, the company can achieve this goal and better serve more customers looking for assistance in shipping wine to Massachusetts.

Massachusetts imposes strict laws regarding wine shipping and delivery, which has been known to cause consumer frustration. To address increasing consumer needs, Colonial Spirits Delivers’ parent company, Colonial Spirits of Acton, created the delivery business as an e-commerce arm. Colonial Spirits Delivers accepts online orders from individuals who want wine and liquor sent to residents of Massachusetts, and delivers such orders right to their doorstep.

Previously serving only the towns and cities on the eastern side of the state, the company has now expanded their reach all throughout Massachusetts. Their partnership with FedEx enables them to ship wine anywhere within the state, without the risk of significant delays. With these developments, they hope to increase their wine shipments and serve more clients as the year progresses.

The company boasts an extensive collection of wine made for casual drinking as well as different events and special occasions. They offer a huge selection of wine that comes from different countries and notable sources. Their wine offerings include red, white, fortified, and kosher, as well as champagne, sake, and rice wine.

Though they only ship wine and champagne, they offer to hand-deliver liquor, including favorites like cognac, bourbon, gin, scotch, brandy, whiskey, and tequila, to name a few. Their best-sellers include the Russian Standard Vodka, the Svedka Vodka, and the Tanqueray Gin. They also deliver different kinds of beer, such as blonde, brown, pale ale, dubbel, hard cider, pilsner, stout, and wheat. Aside from wine and liquor, they also offer drink mixers such as soft drinks, sodas, grenadine, cocktail infusions, and tonic water, among others.

Additionally, Colonial Spirits Delivers offers special deals and discounts monthly. For those looking for gift options, they provide the Colonial Spirits Gift Card, which is redeemable only at their physical store in Acton. To learn more about their other products and their corresponding prices, as well as to place an online order, visit

About Colonial Spirits Delivers

Established in 2011 as the online shop of Colonial Spirits of Acton, the e-commerce website,, has since provided exceptional services in wine shipping for Massachusetts residents. Their on-time deliveries have been hailed by clients all across the state.

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