Wines and Beers on Discount This Month from Boston Liquor Delivery Company Colonial Spirits Delivers

Get up to a 31% discount on your favorite wines and beers through a trusted service which provides liquor delivery in Boston. Specials are good until January 31, 2014.

Liquor, beer, and wine prices don’t get any lower than this!

Take off those thick sweaters and gloves! Enjoy the natural heat our red wines and spirits can bring to your chilling body this winter. Whether you’re looking for liquor, wine or beer, Colonial Spirits Delivers is ready to send them to your home on time.

Different occasions are celebrated in Boston every day, and for your own personal events we want to make sure you can afford the finest spirits from our Boston liquor delivery service. Our January specials feature various wines and beers to keep you warm. Get up to 31% off on red wines like the Coppola Diamond Merlot and Gascon Malbec, up to 30% off on select liquors such as the Milagro Silver Tequila and Crown Royal Whiskey, and as much as 30% off on beers like the Blue Moon Belgian White and Winter Ale 12-pack.

Surprise friends with nicely wrapped bottles of their favorites, or throw a party and surprise friends and family alike. What are you waiting for? Fight the cold weather this month with affordable high-quality spirits and a reliable liquor delivery in Boston. Order until January 31, 2014!

  • Maximum of 31% discount for red wines, 30% for liquors and beers
  • Visit Colonial Spirits Delivers for a list of the featured wines and spirits this month:
  • Promo runs from January 1 to 31, 2014 only
  • Consumers under 21 years old are not eligible to order.
  • Colonial Spirits Delivers does not deliver kegs.
  • Deliveries from Colonial Spirits Delivers can be returned to the Colonial Spirits physical store for credit, but the customer has to return the unused product. Colonial Spirits does not pick up items for returning.

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