Good beer comes in Cans

An increasing number of legitimate brews are becoming available in cans.  The newest addition to Colonial Spirits is Brooklyn lager in a 16oz can (6-packs $11.69+dep).  Also recently added is Butternuts with canned Hefe, Pale and IPA.  Admittedly there isn’t a huge can selection but I commend the effort and love the thought of canned beer.  That may sound a bit crazy to some but it really is an excellent vessel for beer.  It may not be the best to drink from but that is why breweries make really cool glasses and give them out at tastings.  I’ll guess that most of you would advocate for draught brew.  A glass from a keg is the best right? I generally think so.  Note that a keg is simply a giant can.  Cans offer complete protection from light, ale and beer’s worst enemy, as well as convenience.  Portability can be critical at times – I am thinking about hiking, the beach the movie theater.  It mostly boils down to quality though.  Cans travel well and store better.  Cans are easy to keep cool and don’t shatter when the log you are splitting falls on them.  The abovementioned Brooklyn cans are great for yard work as the extra 4oz yields valuable extra minutes before you have to go inside for another.  Check out Oskar Blues as well.  From this CO brewery you can get a nice pale ale, a strong scotch ale, a pilsner and even some pricey offerings that will surprise you (Imperial Stout and Imperial IPA).  Hopefully we will see more on the shelves soon.

2 thoughts on “Good beer comes in Cans

  1. At the American Craft Beer Fest this weekend I tried 21st Amendments: Hell or High Water Watermelon Wheat in a can and it was incredible. I need to find out where I can get more of it. Please make it available at Colonial.

    1. Hell or High Watermellon is in! I have a case on the shelves as of right now. Enjoy and thanks for the tip.


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