Lagunitas makes good stuff!

Ever since I was encouraged by a fellow beer enthusiast to hurry up and try Lagunitas Hop Stoopid this brewery has been on my mind (and in my fridge).  I have always been a casual advocate of their brews, but now I feel compelled to turn as many people onto them as possible.  That said, this is certainly a hop driven brewery so those less addicted than I may not be as into the selection.  I’ll first mention the Czech Style Pils – perfect for the heat, crisp and very clean.  The newest addition to their lineup is a Pale Ale.  It is hoppy, but not over the top.  There is more, much more, but rather than write about each brew I would rather say why it is that I am enthralled with the brewery as of late.  Basically I think that Lagunitas is a fine representation of American Ale.  Admittedly I can articulate it as such after reading the label on the 2009 Correction Ale.  Consider where they excel, however; IPA, Pale and Stout brews, which are all quite American at this point.  American brewing grew from the bastardization of traditional styles from England, Germany, Belgium and other places.  Now American brewing is its own beast bringing intensity, creativity and quality to any and all styles.  So, Lagunitas is a great American brewery focused on rich, hoppy brews that fill your glass with flavor and showcase some of what we do best in brewing.  They also have an entire series dedicated to Frank Zappa, so they got that going for them… which is nice.

There is often something new from Lagunitas so you can stay entertained with this brewery for a while.

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