What makes a wine great?

What makes a wine great? Is that the fact that Robert Parker gave it his stamp of approval with ratings of 95 points or above? Or maybe it depends on the score that Wine Spectator, Stephen Tanzer, or the Gambero Rosso gave it? Maybe it’s because a wine expert or wine trade person, like myself, recommended it to you. But what if you don’t like our recommendations? It could be that it has to cost over a certain amount of money or that it must be a Grand or Premier Cru wine from a well-respected producer. What if you just don’t like it?

The fact of the matter is that wine is highly personal. I am a firm believer in this. All tastes are different. There are some who like dairy, like myself, and some who can’t stand it, like my mom and brother (crazy family!), but they most certainly enjoy foods that I cannot stand to ingest. So stop & think for a moment…What are you looking for? What do YOU like?

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