Spring IPA’s

I like barley based drinks.  Ale and Beer are undoubtedly my favorite, but I do enjoy my whiskeys.  So what’s up with beer? All kinds of things, really, but I am thinking about drinking it right now.  The sun is high in the sky, it is past noon and I am thirsty.  More so, it is the flavor that I seek.  Hops are on my mind and, with any luck, will soon be on my palate.

I am basically prepared to drink almost any ale or beer at almost any time.  My preferences change with the weather, though.  Ask me what I am into right now…  IPA.  IPAs are good all throughout the year however the spring green and warm days usually get me particularly driven towards the piney fresh scent and rich bitterness of a fine IPA.  Sierra Nevada’s Southern Hemisphere Harvest ale in the 24oz bottle just arrived and, if you are lucky, the Torpedo is sometimes available.  FYI, Sierra Torpedo was dramatically oversold by the brewery.  A strong marketing effort left demand high and supply low.  Naturally I think that it all should have been sent to Colonial Spirits and we could be enjoying it in abundance right now.  Other classic favorites I am currently enjoying are Victory Hop Devil and Smuttynose IPA.  Newer treats are Green Flash West Coast IPA and Lagunitas Hop Stoopid.

Want to mention your favorites? Click ‘add a comment below’.  You can use this to ask a question, comment on beer you like, tell me I am a fool or just read something different.

3 thoughts on “Spring IPA’s

  1. Tim,

Enjoying a Troegs Pale Ale while traveling on business in Maryland. Any chance I can score this at Colonial when back in New England?

    NH IPA Lover

    1. Indeed! We got the Troegs lineup earlier this year. I have been enjoying the Hop Back Amber quite a bit. I like the sessionability of the Pale ale and like drinking it with food (steak tips and roast beef sandwiches).

  2. Indeed. IPAs are my favorite; the more IBUs the better! I have to second the recommendation for Green Flash’s West Coast IPA. Delicious! Can’t get enough!

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