Jefferson’s Single Barrel Bourbon Exclusive Bottling

An exclusive bottling of Jefferson’s Single Barrel Bourbon is now available at Colonial Spirits! Follow the link on the label for the whole story.

$29.99 while supplies last

2 thoughts on “Jefferson’s Single Barrel Bourbon Exclusive Bottling

  1. Is this the bourbon that you held taste tests with customers this spring? I had been in the store …. it seemed everyone was gravitating to just 2 of the samples you had. Which one did you end up with? If still available, i can stop by Labor Day.

    1. This is the Jefferson’s that was selected by Nic and myself. The Spring selection was for Willet, and the 2nd of two 10yr options was chosen. We are anxiously awaiting shipment, but Willet is pretty small production so they lead out barrel orders quite far. Originally I was told late Sept, so let’s keep our fingers crossed.

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