Missed out on the Rex Hill? We have the perfect alternative!

We sent out an email the first week of February about one of the strongest wineries in Oregon; Rex Hill.  Unfortunately, we were unable to fulfill all the orders because there just wasn’t enough inventory.  I know that this is not the same wine and it doesn’t come from the same region, but one factor (the most important one) is the same, they are both outstanding.

MacMurray Ranch Pinot Noir Russian River Valley 2009 is a classic Pinot that is easily recognized as being a quality Pinot, and, like the Rex Hill, it’s a prime example of a terroir  driven wine.  The Russian River Valley has long been known for its hearty Pinots that display aromas of dark berry fruits, with hints of cedar and smoke.  To some this might seem unappealing, but to so many this is the way ____ (insert your preferred deity) intended, at least that is what followers of Kosta Browne, Merry Edwards and Paul Hobbs would lead you to believe.  MacM RRV 09 captured the essence of the Russian River like it never has before and managed to exhibit it in every drop.

MacMurray Ranch wines have taken a turn for the better, over the last few years, that has left me somewhat at awe.  Considering the size of the operation (100,000+ cases) I had felt that it was safe to assume they made wine for the masses and not the avid wine drinker.  Boy was I wrong.  MacMurray might produce over 100,000 cases of wine and 2,000+ 6-packs cases of  the RRV, but their goal isn’t to sell the RRV in the same manner they would sell the Central Coast Pinot Noir.  On the contrary, they prefer to hold back the wines releasing it closer to when it’s fully mature so that the consumer has a better understanding of the style and region’s affect on Pinot Noir.  This is the ideology that has been driving MacMurray Ranch these past few years, and I have to say it has done them wonders.  If they continue on this virtuous path MacMurray Ranch will only benefit from it, and additionally inspire those around them which in turn will benefit the rest of us.  

So for those that may have turned their nose away from MacMurray Ranch (much like myself,) don’t because you will be missing out on a great bottle of wine and a special experience.  The Mac RRV 09 is a serious wine for the serious consumer, a wine meant to educate those that are learning and astonish those that have given up on Russian River wines, either do to their price tags or lack of substance.  You don’t have to take my word…

The MacMurray Ranch Russian River Pinot Noir 2009 normally retails for $34.99 per bottle, for this limited time, as supplies last, it will be on SALE for $24.98 per bottle.  Don’t hesitate and think over the options, just drop everything and pick up a bottle before the sale ends. 



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