Allagash Four – 750ml


Belgian Style Quadruple, Cork Finish. Allagash Four is brewed with four malts, four hops, four sugars and four Belgian yeast strains. During the mashing process, Date Sugar is added to the mash tun. Later, during the boil, Light Candi, Dark Candi, and Light Golden Molasses are added. After primary fermentation with the first strain of yeast, more Candi Sugar is added, and the beer is refermented with a secondary strain of yeast… that process is then repeated with a third strain of yeast, and finally a fourth for bottle conditioning in the cellar. The Allagash Four Ale is presented in a strikingly decorated bottle, and is truly a unique beer! Pairs well with: Bacon-wrapped scallops, crab-stuffed mushrooms, filet mignon, and chocolate crêpes.

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