Grand Cru Woodworking: Coffee Table Thin Tapered Legs


Coffee Table Thin Tapered Legs (standard coffee table design**): This table is constructed to not just be in your cellar but also a centerpiece in your living room. This unique coffee table will fuel conversations for years to come not only because the panels can represent the wines you have enjoyed over the years, but also because of its quality.

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Grand Cru Woodworking: Coffee Table Thin Tapered Legs

Top width – 39.5”
Top Depth – 21”
Height – 20”

Materials and Construction

Top and Sides: Wooden wine cases are traditionally made of pine. Producer names and logos tend to be on end and/or side panels. Although many panels are roughly the same width, depth, and thickness, some trimming and hand planning is needed to achieve proper fit and surface levelness. Finally, individual pieces are glued and clamped to 3/4” MDF to prevent warping

Legs and rails: Milled clear pine glued and joined with mortise and tenon joints. Tabletops are attached to interior rail tops using floating clips screwed to the underside of the top and dry inserted into dados cut into the top interior of the rails.

Drawer fronts, sides, and bottoms: fronts are made from six-bottle case sides glued to ½” backer boards. Sides and drawer fronts are joined by half blind dovetails. Bottoms are inserted into dados cut into vertical pieces to enable float and prevent warping.

Finish: Finally, tables are finished with semi-gloss polyurethane to protect against stains, Tops receive five coats. All other parts, with the exception of drawer glides, receive three.

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