What’s wrong with sticking to your guns?

One of the biggest misconceptions of our times is, newer is always better. In my line of work, along with most lines of work, this is both true and false.  Not everyone is capable of change, and in some cases there are those who are resistant to it. But there are those who also accept it and follow the tides. Either way a decision has to be made whether the outcome is good or bad.  What I don’t agree with is someone just giving in and letting the “tail wag the dog.”  This has been the case in wine for quite some time, and I’m going to speak out about it.

In 1982, Bordeaux had what some would say is one of their best vintages ever. Around that time a man by the name of Robert Parker would hit the wine scene and be one of the most influential spokes persons for the 1982 Bordeaux.  Needless to say, he was right about the vintage and the great wines that were produced from it, and from that point on the rest, as they say, became history. Continue reading What’s wrong with sticking to your guns?