Wine Existentialism

My fellow colleagues-in-wine and I are always discussing, debating, and arguing about hot wine topics.  Sometimes it’s about oak, over-extraction of fruit, old world v. new world, and of course…terroir.  We also discuss what makes a wine good and what sells, and we often find that the good wines don’t sell.

A couple weeks ago, Patrick wrote about Malbec and it’s rise and fall.  Weeks before, Nic wrote about the concept of terroir. These blogs are the result of our on-going conversations.  Both blogs got my attention. Continue reading Wine Existentialism

The Death of Malbec

I’ve noticed something funny about Malbec recently… it’s everywhere.  Even the 99, hardly renowned for its wine list, has a Malbec.  The latest big red craze has gone beyond the first stage of people simply buying it, to magazine coverage, to the tier of restaurants who always seem to be the last to react to wine trends.

In addition to writing a blog and doing plenty of talking with customers at the shop, my primary responsibility continues to be making sure that the fine wines are stocked.  While not especially glamorous, this does give me a ground zero view of trends among our customers, and what I’ve noticed in the past couple of months is this:  Malbec has slowed to a crawl.  Where once I had to make two passes a week through Argentina, now if need be I can skip a week safely.  It seems as though, again, the fashions are shifting. Continue reading The Death of Malbec