Basking in the California Sun – Day 1

I recently had the privilege of visiting Napa, California on behalf of Constellation Brands Co., and I have to say, it was wonderful! It was sunny for the majority of the time, and the people couldn’t have been nicer. I was treated to some of the finest food, wine and hospitality that Napa has to offer.  To contradict one of my colleague’s blog posts, if that is what magazine living is like, bring it on!  The next few blogs I release will be my recap of each day I spent there. Continue reading Basking in the California Sun – Day 1

Three great Zinfandels that you should try…

Thoughts on Wine From Partick Suleski

Zinfandel has long been a dirty word in wine circles, all too often reminding us of pink, sweet juice devoid of personality. Since the advent of the term “Old Vine Zinfandel” over the past few years, however, consumers have been less afraid of Zin and as such, the grape is coming into its own. Vineyards over 100 years old are again producing wine from Napa to Lodi, and are giving adventurous drinkers and enthusiasts alike the opportunity to see that when a quintessentially American wine is made in deference to the dirt, sun, wind and rain the results can be marvelous.
Here are three of my favorite zinfandels well worth a try:

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