Guinness St.Paddy’s Tasting

It’s almost time for St. Patrick’s Day! Before you stuff your belly’s with corned beef and cabbage get down to the store on Saturday, March 16th from noon until 2 pm for our annual Guinness tasting. We will be pouring all of our Guinness varieties along with some other Irish favorites. Alongside the tasting we will also have some limited in-store sales for St. Paddy’s day weekend on all Irish beer. Sláinte (Cheers)!

-Colonial Spirits Beer Team


Guinness-St. Patrick’s Day

There is no better day to have a Guinness tasting than on St. Patrick’s Day.  And to make things even better, it’s a Friday this year.  It is as if the planets have aligned.  This is a tasting that we might not need, since Guinness is one of the most unique and widely drank beers, but one we certainly want and will enjoy.  Have a sip to remind yourself of what the world already knows and grab one of their 18 Packs that we have on sale for $21.99.   It’s not the most complex tasting we’ve had, but does it need to be?  HAPPY SAINT PATRICK’S DAY

O’Hara’s Irish Ales

In order to make sure everyone is making the most informed decision they can on Saint Patrick’s Day, we are bringing Ireland’s less known brewery in for a tasting.  O’Hara’s as been doing their thing since 1996, but while relatively new to the game compared to some of the other Irish Breweries, they make beers that stand up to anything else coming from the Emerald Isle.  We’ll be pouring out everything these guys send our way, so give them a change before reaching for something else.