Tax Attack! Look out beer consumers…

The birthday of our great nation has passed and the celebration of independence from tyranny and taxation without representation is 233 years old.  Taxes are a necessity that we all share distaste for and when they get out of control we are driven to protest and dumping chests of tea into the harbor.  I would never suggest that we pour the nectar that is our beer anywhere other than into a glass, but the feelings of revolt must be alive in many of us at this point.  The lovely state of Massachusetts has raised sales tax 25% to 6.25% and has lifted the exemption for alcoholic beverages.  Get ready to see that sales tax at the register every time you pick up your favorite brew anywhere in MA after August 1st.  It is important to note that tax on alcohol already exists in MA.  Alcohol has always been taxed in MA, in the form of excise tax. This tax is largely overlooked as it is embedded in the prices, which are generally high relative to other states, and not otherwise seen by consumers. We are soon to be double taxed on alcohol! I propose revolt in the form of buying.  Okay, I certainly would prefer if that buying happened at Colonial Spirits, but no matter where you go get ready to stock up on your favorite beers and make it happen before August 1st.  Towards the end of July Colonial Spirits will have plenty of sales to help you beat the tax man and help you stock up on what you want.  Great new stuff is here like Dogfish Theobroma and Stone 13th Anniversary and Smuttynose Baltic Porter.  Get these, and more, while it’s 6.25 % cheaper!

3 thoughts on “Tax Attack! Look out beer consumers…

  1. Wait…is this just for beer only? Or does the 6.25 apply to all alcohol?

    1. The additional tax applies to all alcohol sold in MA.

  2. Hey Tim,

Just want to let you know that although I’ve moved away from the Concord area, (went to HS there with you), I still love coming back to Colonial Spirits when I can. You’ve done a great job with the beer selection there, and thats coming from a craft beer fanatic. I definitely plan to hit up the store before the tax man cometh, in a week… Keep up the great work!


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