The variety of variety packs.

Variety 12 Packs seem to be increasing in popularity these days and I often wonder how breweries decide what to include.  My favorite variety packs come from Ipswich, Victory and Brooklyn.  These are all great breweries, but really, it is the particular styles included that draw me to these packages.  I tend to think that the inclusion of a Hefe or wheat brew in a variety pack is the kiss of death.  I say that not to be negative about Hefe/Wheat/Weiss brew but in observation of that fact that many of us who enjoy pale ales or IPAs do not tend towards the Weiss world.  Is it the contrast of styles that makes a package less tempting? Troegs makes excellent stuff all around and we move through the 6-packs with regularity.  Their variety pack includes favorites like Hop Back Amber and a Pale ale that makes for a great food beer or a great session, so it should be flying off of the shelf.  I suspect that the disparity between heavy hops and wheat leaves many folks not wanting to buy the mix, even though the 12 are cheaper than 2 6’s.  I mentioned Victory as one of my favorites.  That package includes Pilsner, Hop Devil and Golden Monkey Tripel.  That is certainly a range of flavors.  I am just enamored with all of their stuff, as many are, so flavor contrast is less of an issue in this case.  Ipswich and Brooklyn, however, have really hit the mark with their variety packs.  I think that what makes these two great is the 4 brew combo representing different brews indeed, but none of which truly contrast with each other.  I know that Brooklyn includes their Lager which is an entirely different brew from ale, but Brooklyn Lager is a sturdy representation of the style with almost as much body as a pale ale.  Try out any of the many variety packs at Colonial Spirits the next time you need a few different flavors at a favorable price.

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