Beer, it’s fun to drink

A concept that I think most beer enthusiasts have a good grip on is that beer is fun to drink.  Too often I find wine shoppers caring more about the prestige of the wine they are purchasing than the fun associated with drinking it.  Perhaps this is a growing trend in beer as well, considering how many people scramble to hoard away limited release beers, but I digress.

Overall I see beer drinkers considering the fun available from beer.  The craft beer drinking community is a social community with an appetite not only for beer, but for gathering, sharing and talking about beer.  There is a lot to be said for this.  I love to see new beers selling because people want to try them with their friends.  Web sites devoted to beer and people’s opinions of beer are widely successful.  I even think that a couple of people read my blog! It’s a great thing.

Forever relationships have formed, thanks have been given, and deals have been made over a meal.  I think that this is largely influenced by the fundamental need for humans to eat – so why not share a meal? We do not need to drink beer, but many of us want to drink beer.  So this too makes a lot of sense when considering what to do with people you like.  I am not saying that this idea doesn’t apply to other libations – if it didn’t bars wouldn’t exist.  I am saying that it seems a bit more untailored and relaxed with beer.

As the craft brewing industry continues to grow much of the gains stem from how much fun people are having with beer.  Have you tried anything new lately? Catch up with a friend over an interesting beer.  I bet you’ll have a good time.

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