What’s up Mayflower!

It is time to dedicate a little time to Mayflower Brewing from Plymouth, MA.  My motivation for doing so has been driven, largely, by their newest seasonal offering – Spring Hop Ale.  Mayflower has been tops on my list for a while now, anyway.  I am a big fan of the great breweries that we have here, in Massachusetts, and love local flavor.  There are a lot of beers that come out that are extraordinarily exciting for people.  Founder’s Kentucky Bourbon Stout is a prime example.  I get excited about great beer releases also, but find that the rush wears off pretty quickly.   What I am most excited about, generally, is a beer company that I can rely on every day.  That consistency coupled with some really strong seasonal releases and a surprise here and there makes for a brewery worth bragging about.  (Their Imperial Stout was indeed a pleasant surprise!) Continue reading What’s up Mayflower!

Beer, it’s fun to drink

A concept that I think most beer enthusiasts have a good grip on is that beer is fun to drink.  Too often I find wine shoppers caring more about the prestige of the wine they are purchasing than the fun associated with drinking it.  Perhaps this is a growing trend in beer as well, considering how many people scramble to hoard away limited release beers, but I digress. Continue reading Beer, it’s fun to drink