Old World… New World… Newer World?

The world is always shifting, always changing, this is no different when it comes to wine.  In the last year there had been talks of Champagne estates buying land in the U.K.; if global warming is true the U.K. will have the proper terroir for champagne varietals.  What has really caught my attention isn’t what will happen to vineyards and wineries when global warming does become an issue (which I do think about, but with a few areas like Bordeaux basking in the limelight because of it, I tend to forget.), but the growth of vineyards and wineries in China.

China can be described as either a godsend or a curse.  Godsend because without them products from some of our favorite companies would be incredibly expensive; a curse because they tend to dilute the market.  My concern is, how will China entering the wine industry, from a vineyard owner’s perspective and wine retailer, effect the market? Those already in the wine industry know how a single vineyard, person, or company can have a drastic affect on what sells and what doesn’t, but how will a country with the size and power of China change the playing field?

Currently, there are only a few wines being produced in China that are available, but one thing the Chinese are good at is taking control of a market share and pushing the limits, so it won’t be long before containers of Chinese wines are pouring into the market all around the world.  It can’t be forgotten that China is a large country with a range of climates and geography, which when combined properly will be more than capable of growing an extensive array of varietals.  What I am trying to say is that when China truly enters the wine market people everywhere will feel it, good or bad.  So NOW is the time to think about what will happen when this influx of wine comes.

My questions to our readers are… What do you believe will happen when China enters the wine market? Will the quality of wine be effected, and how? Will prices be influenced? Will other countries stand a chance!?

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