We Have Some New Craft Beer Arrivals for you All in our First Beer Post of the New Year!

IPAs and a Scotch Ale

IPAs and a Scotch Ale

We have some great new beers this week.

Everything from IPAs, Rye IPAs, Double IPAs and Scotch Ale (okay so it’s a lot of hops!).

  • Exhibit A Danko-A delicious double dry-hopped IPA with rye
  • Exhibit A We’re Going to Need you to Come in on Saturday-A nice Scotch ale made by one of our local favorites in Framingham…not a style often done locally!
  • Exhibit A Demo Tape-Rewind IPA-a revisit of a Demo Tape favorite!
  • Sam Adams New England Style IPA-Sam Adams throws it’s hat in the ring!
  • Foolproof Vanilla Espresso Raincloud-Variant on a well-made porter we’ve always liked.
  • Greater Good Pulp-Fresh batch!  Excellent stuff for the hazy beer lovers.
  • Mayflower Alden Double IPA-They might not be known for modern styles, but this stuff is delicious to our taste buds…give it a try!
  • Backlash Death Imperial Stout-One of the fan favorites, brewed once a year.  Excellent product.
  • Stoneface Blip IPA.  Sub 6% alcohol, nice tropical notes, easy to drink but not quite a session.  Hits a nice sweet spot.
  • Singlecut Worker’s are Going Home Double Dry-Hopped-This is an incredible IPA brewery.  One can limit, don’t miss out!




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