Neyen 2004; What Did You Think About the Wine?

The title is self explanatory.  I wrote about the Neyen not too long ago, so it should still be fresh in people’s minds.  I wanted to know what our customers thoughts on this wine are, since it was so well received. It sold out about four hours after I sent an email that we had some in stock.  I know what a few customers think about the wine, since they emailed me either asking for more, but there were many more customers that bought than those who wrote back.  So I have a knowledge gap I’d like to fill.

Whether you leave a comment that criticizes my choice or praises it, all are welcome.  This is not only a great exercise for our customers, but it is also a great learning experience for me.  It allows our customers to voice their opinions without feeling like they have hurt mine. At the same time, it helps me understand what it is our customers are searching for.  Everyone likes a great bargain, but was it worth it?  Did the wine meet expectations or did it fall short?

On that note, please feel free to leave comments on any wine you may have bought from us whether it be through our email service or if you got direct advice from us while you shopped at our store.  Please respond because the more we know, the better we can serve you.

Nic & Nic

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