Out of the Shadow and into Your Glass: Owen Roe ‘Ex Umbris’ Syrah 2010!!

There are plenty of great domestic Syrah, the only issue is they cost more than what most people want to spend on a bottle of wine.  That is why I am exuberantly happy to say that Owen Roe ‘Ex Umbris’ Syah, Columbia Valley 2010 is in.  One of the greatest domestic Syrah which happens to be plush with flavors of dark plums, cherries, sarsaparilla and cream, alongside hints of cherry, tobacco and peppery bacon.  This wine will mature beautifully over the next 5 years and will continue to drink well for an additional 3-5 .  Can you believe you can get all of this for under $30?  The last vintage of  Ex Umbris received a score of 93 from the Wine Spectator and also happened to be the #25 of the Top 100 list.  Although this is the 2010 and not the 2009, do not worry because 2010 is supposed to be as good if not better (I was told first hand by a few WA state winemakers) than 2009.  I only have 9 cases available so act quickly, prices will go up once people catch on to this wine, especially if it receives another high score.

$28.99 per bottle

If you would like some put aside please feel free to email or call.

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