Privateer Single Batch Release Gin Rummy from Ipswich, MA

Privateer Gin Rummy

In the 1700’s, Massachusetts was a large rum producer. There were perhaps as many as 60 distilleries in the Bay State. In fact, rum played an important role in the founding of the United States. It was one of the fledgling country’s export products, it was a secondary currency, and was used to pay and improve the moral of the soldiers.

The founder of Privateer True American Rum’s family made rum in Massachusetts in the 1700’s and battled the British as a Privateer during the American Revolution. Andrew Cabot (1750-1791) was a merchant and rum distiller who was also one of America’s most legendary American Privateers. He commanded a fleet of ships, including the Pilgrim, the Revolution, and the True American, for which Privateer’s flagship rum is named.

Crafted locally in Essex County, Massachusetts, you could say rum has always been in Privateer’s blood. Today, Privateer distills their high quality True American Amber Rum and Silver Reserve Rum year round. In addition, once a year in time for summer, Privateer releases a single batch of Gin Rummy, and right now… COLONIAL SPIRITS HAS A LIMITED QUANTITY OF PRIVATEER SINGLE BATCH GIN RUMMY IN STOCK!

Privateer Gin RummyPrivateer’s Fleet of Spirits

True American Amber Rum

“Smooth, yet bursting with rich flavor. Where many amber rums are characterized by excessive sweetness or harshness, Privateer True American Amber is distilled to achieve the rich flavor of rum and complexity more typically associated with a fine whiskey. Enjoy neat, or mixed in cocktails.” –

Silver Reserve Rum

“Clear as rainwater; superb, sediment-free clarity. Wow, this opening aroma is juicy, ripe and bakery shop sweet…; further time in glass allows for a beany aspect to emerge in spades, in particular cocoa bean and cocoa butter plus baked pineapple and clove. Entry is brazenly bittersweet, and therefore keenly delicious, pod-like, and appropriate; midpalate highlights the deep brown sugar and molasses flavors that are simultaneously bakery shop spicy and fudge-like right through the focused, bittersweet, and lip-smacking aftertaste. Superb, Highly Recommended.” – Paul Pacult, Spirits Journal, 2013

Single Batch Release Gin Rummy

“Tradition and innovation in harmony. We enjoy the aromatics of our handcrafted cane spirit so much, why not use it as a base for our seasonal gin? Inspired by Tiki Culture, we combined classic gin herbs, hand-zested fresh citrus (to retain all the aromatic oils and avoid the bitter pith) and fresh ground spices with pomegranate, grapefruit, cinnamon, nutmeg, allspice, and kaffir lime leaves creating a gin with vibrant flavors, balance and finesse.  95 Proof.” –

Limited Quantity of Privateer Single Batch Gin Rummy in Stock

At Colonial Spirits of Acton, we’re always looking to source the best local products for our customers.

Privateer is among the highest quality and most innovative distilleries around, and we couldn’t be happier to have a limited quantity of Privateer’s Single Batch Release Gin Rummy in stock.

We have only 18 bottles in stock as of this publication… So come on down to our store in Acton and pick up your bottle of the 2015 release of Privateer Gin today!

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