Rose is the Perfect Wine for you and your Sweetheart on Valentine’s Day

Rose is the perfect wine for you and your sweetheart on Valentine’s Day! We drink it year round, not only during the warmer months! This one from Sacha Lichine is quite popular.  You’ve just got to have something to pair with the chocolate!  Visit their website!


Whispering Angel is a very popular rose and is a perfect accompaniment to your upcoming Valentine's Day!
Whispering Angel is a very popular rose and is a perfect accompaniment to your upcoming Valentine’s Day!


Semi-Grand Rosé Wine Tasting

This is the first of our newest addition to our tasting lineup: Semi-Grand Rosé Wine Tasting. Unlike our Grand Tastings that are featured over two consecutive weekends and showcase around 50 bottles of wines each weekend. Our Semi-Grand Tastings will take place on one day, will focus on a style that tends to get overlooked for some reason, and will feature anywhere from 25-50 bottles of wine depending on the style. This is a great opportunity to learn more about you have either never tried or already love.

Our first Semi-Grand Tasting will focus on Rosé wines. With its popularity increasing year after year, rosé wines are here to stay indefinitely and boy are we happier for it. The biggest downside, up to this point, was that there seems to be an endless sea of rosé and far too few people pouring them. Yes, we did indeed cover a few at our Spring Grand Tasting, but the 15+ we covered is nothing compared to the 100+ we will be getting throughout the season and year. With an infinite number of varieties from which rosé can be made from which cover everything from clawingly sweet to bone dry, what better way to choose your next bottle than by sampling it for yourself. So, if you happen to have an hour or two open on Saturday, May 21 from 2-5 PM and would like to sample a few rosés stop by our shop and see what we will have open.

Like our Grand Tastings, we will be offering 25% off a mixed 12 bottle case of the wines being sampled at our Rosé Wine Tasting.

Carpe Vinum!

Rosé is serious

With winter a distant memory and spring quickly turning into summer, you’ll notice more rosé in the store.  I am a self-proclaimed rosé freak, and therefore I always buy plenty of it for the store.  Rosé consumption and production is on the rise as people realize its potential.  Depending on the style, it can pair with just about any summer fare and will stand up just as well if not better than any of your favorite white or red wines.  Rosé works well in the heat and pairs indiscriminately with the wide range of foods we enjoy indoors and out (particularly out).

Over the past few years I’ve increasingly bought more rosé–and not just from Provence, but also places like the Languedoc, Bordeaux, Burgundy, the Loire Valley, Italy (both north and south), Spain, Portugal, South Africa…the list goes on.  In France alone, production of rosé accounts for over a quarter of total wine produced (26%) which is a good deal more than white production (at around 17%).  Production and quality have increased, so it’s only a matter of time before the style captures the full attention of all wine amateurs.

But why is it not taken more seriously now and by all?  How much more will the derisive attitude towards this wonderful style of wine continue?  When will it find its rightful place and no longer be considered some sort of enological half-breed?  I’m not sure, but I believe it’s on the way to being accepted as serious wine. Continue reading Rosé is serious