Why is this Wine on Sale? Is there Something Wrong with it?

Why is it that when we see something on sale we immediately assume there is something wrong with it? More specifically, why does that question seem to make more sense at a wine shop than at a grocery store? To help ease your troubled minds I thought it appropriate to address any questions in relation to this matter.

As you all already know, there is nothing like a GOOD sale… It is safe to say we all shop sales as much as we can because who really wants to pay $4.99 for a package of double stuffed Oreos when you could be paying the same for two packages. The same is true for wine… We know that Kendall-Jackson Chardonnay at $14.99 is a good deal, but at $10.98 it is even better (expect this price some time in the next couple of months). But what about the wines that we don’t recognize; are those still good? To answer your questions as simply as possible; yes! There is nothing wrong with the wines that we currently have on sale, it’s just a matter of figuring out what kind of sale it is.

We currently have three types of sales: monthly, closeout, and in-house. The first type is our monthly sale, which can be found within your weekly Action Unlimited printing and is shared with our sister store in Stow. The closeout sales are items that we are actively looking to move out in order to make room for something else. These wines are still drinking great, but unfortunately didn’t meet our criteria(s), in one way or another. Just because we are closing an item out, doesn’t mean we can’t get anymore, unless that is the case, in fact, we would be more than happy to “Special Order” it for you. The last sale type is our in-house sales. In-house sales represent a far larger portion of the total number of wines on sale, and can, usually does, represent a far better saving than both our other types. What sets the in-house apart is its variety. The in-house sales is a vast list that ranges in types, styles, varietals, and availability. The wines are some that you may have heard of before visiting our store, like Columbia Crest, or it might be a wine that we bought from our distributor who is discontinuing the item; Quincha Corral anyone? Whatever the reason for it being on sale, I am reassuring you that it is of the highest quality.

In conclusion, instead of dreading the “SALE” sticker and wondering whether it’s worth it, feel confident in knowing that it is a great bottle of wine, it’s just a matter of wether or not it’s your particular style. If you still feel lost after you have drained the battery of your smart phone searching for info on the net, please feel free to ask us for help; at the very least you will learn something new.

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